Notes and PDF reader

MXTNote is a free note taking and PDF reader app. Reference to PDF creates what we called "Simple Note", it can be embedded to a notebook which you can write more about the subject and a bidirectional link is formed between the PDF and the notebook. The simple notes can also be linked into a graph to describe their dependencies. You can alsolink between PDFs

We support optional cloud sync, if you choose to use it, your PDF and notes are synced and accessible in all your devices.

MXTNote is available android/IOS app and web app. To use web app sign up with free MXTNote account or use your google/apple account to sign in

Detail Features:
PDF reader with thumbnail index, internal link navigation
Import web page (HTML will be converted to PDF)
support DJVU/MOBI (file will be converted to PDF)
Text search (using text in PDF, or OCR)
Image search (useful for searching math symbols)
Translate selected text into English
Basic text note taking, support markdown syntax
Add tag/date on simple note and use calendar to view them.
Markup on PDF or select box from PDF
Support links between notes, attach tags to notes.
Search notes by original PDF, tags, or text
Built-in split screen to copy note to notebook
Add picture or video to notes from file or using camera
Handwriting notes, support stylus (Samsung S-pen, Apple Pencil).
Print notebook to PDF file or printer
Use Latex input for math formula or use the Math formula editor

This video shows split screen with PDF reader and notebook side by side, drag a selection from PDF into notebook, then later refer back to it.

MXTNote is best used in tablet with stylus, for example, Samsung note tablet or Apple Ipad, but we also take care to make sure its usable on smaller screen. Most of the toolbar can be configured to hide when scrolling up to make room for the contents, so even with a phone you can work reasonably well with a PDF/notebook split screen.

Compare with other note-taking, pdf markup/reader app, MXTNote also has support for searching and watching articles on Arxiv