Connect reference and ideas

MXTNote is a free PDF reader and note taking app, its a management system with emphasis on links and cross reference.

The basic objects are grouped into the following sections

  • Library: original PDF documents
  • Simple notes: these are short text note with optional reference to PDF
  • Notebook: multi-page handwriting/text notes.
Use cases:
📌 A PDF references another PDF, you can select the two location and link them.
📌 After embedding a selection from PDF to notebook, links are automatically created between PDF and notebook.
📌 Link can be created between simple notes, to capture a knowledge/task dependency

📌 Simple note can be embedded to notebook to add more details

Links can be created automatically when you reference something from your notebook to original documents. Additional links can be created link in the simple notes layer to capture more relations.

You can choose to work completely in offline mode, or, in online mode, your PDF and notes are synced and accessible in all your devices(In online mode, if you lost internet it will buffer your changes and sync later)

MXTNote is available as web app and android/IOS app. To use web app or mobile app in online mode, either sign up with free MXTNote account, or Sign in with google/apple.

Detail Features:
💪 PDF reader with thumbnail index, link navigation
💪 Import web page (HTML will be converted to PDF)
💪 support DJVU/MOBI (file will be converted to PDF)
💪 Text search (using text in PDF, or OCR)
💪 Image search (useful for searching math symbols)
💪 Translate selected text into English
💪 Simple text note, support markdown syntax
💪 Support setting date on simple note and use calendar to view them.
💪 Write on PDF or select box from PDF
💪 Support links between notes, attach tags to notes.
💪 Search notes by original PDF, tags, or text
💪 Built-in split screen to copy note to notebook
💪 Multiple page notebook with text or handwriting.
💪 Support pressure sensitive stylus (i.e. Samsung S-pen).
💪 Print notebook to PDF file or printer
💪 Use Latex input for math formula or use the Math formula editor ARXIV:
💪 Search ARXIV and download paper
💪 Monitor ARXIV for new papers matching predefined query
💪 Sync across all your device
💪 Available as web app

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