Note taking app for readers

When reading math/science papers, sometime it takes more than a few days to finish reading a paper and taking note with context information is important so that its easy to come back to it at a later time. MXTNote is a free Android/IOS/Web app which helps you organize your papers and notes together for easy cross reference.

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Organize your notes

Start with small note/bookmark, later expand to long multi-page note

  • Make small note/bookmark when reading a PDF
  • Search these small notes in a centralized page, by tag, origin or text
  • Use these small note/bookmark as ingredient in your own notebook
  • Bidirectional link between the contexts of the original PDF and your notebook
  • math equations
    Optimized for math/science users
  • Translate paragrah in other language into English
  • Search Arxiv and watch for new articles
  • Search math symbols with image search
  • Export notes and their context to Latex
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    Enjoy reading any time

    When you are online, your documents and notes are automatically synced.

    When you are offline, your changes are stored in your device and you can sync them when you are online again.

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